The Spider Lift – Innovative Boom and Scissor Lift Technology

If you’re searching for cherry picker or scissor lift hire in Melbourne, it’s time to choose a better solution. The spider lift is an innovative new piece of equipment designed to replace a whole range of access devices including trailer-mounted, vertical and mast, straight and mounted, elevated platform and boom models. Its lightweight construction allows it to be used almost anywhere from narrow alleyways to fragile road surfaces, steep slopes and especially suspended slabs . The four stabilising legs guarantee the spider lift remains level on uneven terrain while its dual-power hydraulic pumps and non-marking wheels ensure it’s safe to use within both interior and exterior environments.

As you can see, this equipment is a smart choice when it comes to reaching high areas in your worksite in a safe and stable manner. Its flexible design means the spider lift is now more popular than other access equipment hire in Melbourne. They allow your workers to construct, repair and maintain any elevated location regardless of whether the terrain is uneven or the incoming passage is narrow. Since they take the role of a number of other industrial machines, you can save money too, as you’ll only have to rent the one piece of equipment for your workplace.

Dedicated Equipment Hire Supplier in Melbourne

Our company was first established in 2005 and is now the only dedicated supplier of spider lifts for hire in Australia. Thanks to our experience in the building industry, we realise the importance of site safety, cost effectiveness and improved productivity. For this reason, we can give you advice on which model is best suited to your particular work requirements. We have helped countless businesses make the most of spider lift hire in Melbourne and can now assist you with your needs as well. Although we are based in Victoria, we are available to work with interested clients all around the nation.

A Variety of Models to Choose From!

We currently stock five different models of spider lift, giving you complete flexibility when choosing a piece of access equipment. From the off-road capabilities of the Platform basket 1380 to the 18.8 metre reach of the Hinowa Light 19.65 3s, we have made sure to stock a wide range of devices. Whether you seek the very best scaffold or boom lift hire in Melbourne, we can offer you a far better alternative that suits your needs perfectly. Browse our range of models today to see the individual specifications (including vertical reach, horizontal reach, transport weight, setup area, etc.) in more detail.

If you are interested in hiring one of these amazing pieces of equipment, please call us today on 1300 522 399 for a free, zero-obligation quote. We can even come out to your worksite in person to see which of our many elevated access alternatives will suit your requirements best. Once you’ve chosen a model, we will teach you how to operate it safely and drive it into the right work position. We will give you all of the knowledge you need to choose the right model and then transform your worksite into a safer, more productive industrial work setting

Spider Lift Hire – Your Access Problems Solved

Hinowa light lift 19.65

The Hinowa light lift 19.65 is the tallest lift that can still fit through a standard door and still be transported without the need for a truck. With almost 20 metres reach and weighing in at just over 2 tonne this is the lightest for its reach machine available. It's also the simplest to use with automatic levelling, function display and fault diagnosis. Due to its great vertical reach is very popular amongst arborists too.

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With over 9 metres of horizontal reach its the arborist's dream tower to hire. It can take 200Kgs to 18m height, has adjustable tracks in and out but also up and down for the best flexability for steep slopes and rough ground. Its the best all round EWP for all your jobs. All our Spider lifts to 20m will fit through an 800 x 2m opening, have non marking tracks, and are great for jobs such as window cleaning, Painting, Plumbing and Electrical maintenance.

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Platform 15.75 Spider lift

The Platform Basket 15.75 is known for its outstanding horizontal reach and flexibility in all situations. This lift will reach 15 metres with 200 kgs in the basket and still fit through standard a 820 door.

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